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Executive Coaching

On the Computer

The coaching has for objective to accompany one or several leaders to reach their goals, to solve their questionings and to contribute to their personal development.

Each accompaniment is unique, a specific program will be proposed to you according to your rhythm and your objectives. Coaching can be individual, collective or on the organization.

Some examples: succeeding in taking a job,
strengthen interpersonal communication, manage stress, reinforcing managerial skills and leadership, define a vision and its ambitions ...

New Hires

Change management

Consulting services to manage the change in the context of a digital, organizational, strategic or cultural evolution or transformation. To secure the success of the project, it is essential to create a dynamic enabling stakeholders to join, to participate, to be informed and to take ownership of the change.


Some examples: evaluation and definition of a change management strategy, framing and sizing, organization, stakeholder diagnosis, identification and assessment of the impacts of change, definition and implementation of an action plan, site management , communication plan, ….

Business Meeting

collaborative transformation

The success of a transformation in a complex and dynamic environment requires an organization that involves its employees in the search for options and solutions.


As a facilitator, i accompany your organization to contribute to the development of collective intelligence and foster synergies so that teams or groups succeed in doing together what is impossible to do alone. 

Some examples : setting objectives, finding solutions to a problem, improving teamwork and collaboration, aligning visions, ...

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